We use two types of Organic Green Tea: Green Darjeeling - known as the "Champagne of Teas," for a delicate yet complex flavour profile; and Sencha - renowned for its refreshing and clean taste. Together, they contribute to the crisp finish of our drinks.

Raw Honey: We started nunc using raw honey from bees in our yard, but now we source it from others. However, we still want to know the bees are well treated, so we source the honey from bee keepers within 5 miles of our brewery. Our raw honey is a commitment to local sourcing and sustainability.

Our commitment to using organic fruits and herbs is unwavering. We only use non-organic options when they offer superior taste, but we're constantly looking for organic alternatives that meet our high standards for quality.

Our all natural sparkling Elderflower drink called Rebel Fizz. It's like a can of prosecco but with less alcohol and better for you


STEP 1: Fermentation. Our journey begins with fermentation. Organic tea leaves are steeped and combined with locally sourced raw honey. This blend initiates natural fermentation, where the tea slowly transforms, developing its signature flavour and effervescence.

STEP 2: Second Fermentation (For Alcoholic Range). For our alcoholic kombucha, we introduce wine yeast and organic cane sugar. This crucial step gently, over a period of three weeks, raises the alcohol content to a mild 2.5% ABV, enriching the kombucha with nuanced flavour profiles.

STEP 3: Infusion. Next comes the infusion of 100% natural and real ingredients. Fruits and herbs are carefully introduced, infusing our kombucha with their distinct flavours and aromas, creating a symphony of taste that's both unique and refreshing.

STEP 4: Refinement. After infusion, we refine the kombucha, ensuring a perfect balance between flavour, clarity, and smoothness. This stage solidifies the distinct character of each variety.

STEP 5: Canning. The final step is canning. Our kombucha is sealed in aluminum cans, capturing the freshness and vibrancy of our flavours.

This process ensures every sip is as refreshing as nature intended it to be.


At nunc, we’re devoted to the art of authentic brewing. Every batch is a testament to our hands-on approach, ensuring the integrity of our process mirrors the purity of our ingredients. We shun artificial and natural flavourings, extracts, and chemicals. Patience isn’t just a virtue; it’s our brewing philosophy.

Taking time to brew isn't all, we take time to assure the quality of our drinks. Rushing the brewing process, taking shortcuts, produces what you would expect - low quality. We sustainably brew nunc as nature intended, using real ingredients to craft insanely refreshing drinks. Gluten-free, lower in calories, lower in carbs, and never too sweet.

Patience is required when brewing nunc. Feel the serenity.
We're proud to be partnering with Alcohol Change, a leading UK charity on alcohol harm. For independent advice.