Legally, non-alcoholic drink brands must include the nutritional information and ingredients on their labels — but let’s be honest, many brands sneakily dodge transparency by using jargon or misleading "all-natural" claims. Contrast this with the alcohol sector, where such disclosures are voluntary. Why is it that alcohol brands can be so opaque when we scrutinise everything else we consume? Our mission - whether you choose an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink, we're all about elevating your drinking experience.

Or as we say, when you drink, drink mindfully.

Our all natural sparkling Elderflower drink called Rebel Fizz. It's like a can of prosecco but with less alcohol and better for you
We're proud to be partnering with Alcohol Change, a leading UK charity on alcohol harm. For independent advice.




At nunc, we’re devoted to the art of authentic brewing. Every batch is a testament to our exacting approach, ensuring the integrity of our process mirrors the purity of our ingredients. We never use artificial and natural flavourings, extracts, and chemicals. For us, patience isn’t just a virtue; it’s our brewing philosophy.

For our alcoholic range, we embrace a unique, twice-fermented method that perfectly encapsulates the essence of nunc. Other brands will take the easy way and blend their drinks with spirits, we choose to let nature run its course. It takes much longer, but the final result is worth it.

Patience is required when brewing nunc. Feel the serenity.
Sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make at nunc


For us, sustainability isn't an afterthought; it's a prerequisite. We are a small business, but that's no excuse -sustainability comes first. We don't use bottles, as cans are infinitely recyclable and produce fewer emissions. The raw honey we use comes from bee keepers within five miles of our brewery. Our tea leaves and infused ingredients are composted. Our cardboard packaging is locally sourced from a factory within 10 miles of our brewery.

We only use real ingredients, no processing, as nature intended. Nunc's commitment to using only real ingredients not only benefits people but also respects the planet.


At nunc, our commitment to transparency is the heart of our business. From selecting the finest natural ingredients, to our meticulous, traditional brewing methods, we ensure every drink reflects our dedication to honesty and quality. Using flavourings and colourings is the easy way, but using real ingredients takes time and effort. We believe you deserve better than chemical laden drinks. Why do companies use chemicals in their drinks? Simple, it's cheaper than using the real ingredients and quicker.

Our journey of transparency isn't just about what's in our drinks; it's about fostering trust and providing our customers with a genuinely authentic experience.